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Transport trolleys

- in use separately or behind the towing vehicle
- carrying load 150 - 600 kg
- basic version - one shelf design
- superstructure modular type by convention
- surface treatment by powdered painting


Tubus Tubus Tubus

Grids for surface hardening

Construction description

It is dealing with steel grids, which have been used at the Second World War for the hardening of mobile landing runways and airport lay-by. Steel grids are assembled from lamellas, whose size is 400 x 3000 mm. Lamellas have got hooks all over its length and connecting gaps for hooks of adjacent lamella on both sides all over its length. Interconnection of single lamellas gives massive solidifying grid.

Field of application

Hardening grids can be used not only as the landing surfaces and lay-by for temporary aerodrome, aviation course or amateur airports, but as the hardening of storage grounds eventually for building of temporary communications and parking places in the neighbourhood of building structures etc.


Tubus Tubus Tubus

Road Transport

We are able to take customers products to paintshop before paintwork. After paintwork we carry products back to customer. For road transport we have cars FORD TRANSIT with loading limit 1.7 tons and DAF with loading limit 4.5 tons and loading area 6100 x 2400 mm

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